About Covid-19 in Sardinia

Covid19 in sardinia

Sardinia: the Italian region renowned for being a holiday paradise. This island manages to attract any type of tourism: from the luxurious Costa Smeralda to the more rustic of backpacking trips. Sardinia is the destination for everyone.

The 2020 season promised to be one of the most prosperous in terms of tourism. Ready to start with enthusiasm after the long winter, the covid-19 virus has entered the lives of all Sardinians like a tsunami.

Peaceful, reserved, introspective. The Sardinian people watched with fear and anxiety the epidemic wave that hit northern Italy in March 2020. And for a while they hoped that the covid would never reach the island. And so it actually has been for some time.

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The situation regarding covid-19 in Sardinia

Throughout the initial period of the coronavirus epidemic from March to May 2020, Sardinia has registered very few cases of coronavirus. Almost all the towns and villages remained immune. Most of the cases were concentrated in the large metropolitan areas of Cagliari and Sassari.

Until May 2020 the total number of covid-19 positives in Sardinia was about 1300 with 130 deaths. Definitely low and not worrying numbers.

Inevitably, the reopening of the tourist season – which took place at the end of June 2020 – has highlighted the criticalities in the containment and management of the epidemic.

Very few cases have passed within 2 months to a real epidemic outbreak. But: this concentration and increase in positive cases was recorded in a particular period of the summer season. When the euphoria for the festivities of mid-August made the restrictions and attentions disappeared.

On the north-east coast, few outbreaks have occurred in some areas and clubs of the Costa Smeralda. The reason is quite simple: distances were not respected, masks were not used, no precautions were taken.
Perhaps thinking that the virus had packed up and left this beautiful island forever.

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At the end of August, several young people returning from their mad-Sardinian-holidays developed symptoms of covid-19. Their health conditions did not raise particular concerns, most of them were asymptomatic.

But that was enough to start the fire. Cases of contagion spread within the workplace, and then to families. In early september Sardinia is no longer the island immune to the virus.

This situation has given yet another low blow to tourism. People found themselves disoriented and frightened by the news that daily blamed Sardinia for having become the new hotbed of Italy. The whole holiday industry has once again stopped. Effectively determining the end of the 2020 tourist season in mid-September.

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To keep the reality of the facts, Sardinia has never been a place of spread of covid-19. The fault is, if anything, attributable to those who did not respect the rules and too lightly contributed to importing and exporting the spread of the virus.

If there is place that can guarantee the ideal conditions to live in full nature and away from the chaos of life, this is Sardinia.

Reasons Why Sardinia is the best place to recharge your batteries

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Some reasons why Sardinia is one of the places with the lowest risk of contagion compared to other regions:

  • Guaranteed spacing. In Sardinia there are 1,600,000 inhabitants. The density is 69 inhabitants per square km. Lombardy, for example, has 422 per square kilometer. London, 5700 inhabitants per square kilometer!
  • Healthy air. Lots of green spaces and boundless nature where you can breathe clean fresh air.
  • Public transport is not required to get around. Except in the most populous urban areas, most Sardinians travel by car or on foot to get to work. This means that there is no need to spend hours on public transport vehicles piled up to each other.
  • Bleisure tourism. It is becoming a favorite destination for remote work. The connection is widespread and allows you to work even in areas far from urban centers and remain connected with the world by being still in contact with nature.
  • Obviously the food. The quality of Sardinian products is very high. Almost everything is home-made. Excellent local products, from meat, fish, fruit and vegetables from the local gardens.

With the necessary precautions – physical distancing, use of masks, frequent hand washing – Sardinia can be one of the safest destinations to spend moments of nature, sport and relaxation in this crazy period.

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