sardinia islands

Did you know that in Sardinia there are 147 small islands?

We’ll let you discover which are the most beautiful Sardinia Islands that you absolutely must visit

Asinara Island

The island of Asinara (north-west coast) once used as a maximum security prison, is now home to the Asinara National Park, which houses about eighty wild species including the white donkey, the symbol of the island.

Itinerary to discover the north from west to east coast

La Maddalena

 The Archipelago of La Maddalena, off the Costa Smeralda, includes 7 major islands, fifteen islets and hundreds of outcropping rocks that stand out for the beauty of their rugged coasts and unspoiled nature. La Maddalena, on the homonymous island, is the only inhabited center of the archipelago.

La Maddalena Islands – the Italian Caribbean


The second largest island in the archipelago, as well as a completely protected area. Caprera is connected to Maddalena by a 600-meter bridge, built in 1958. In addition to its beauty, the island is famous as Giuseppe Garibaldi’s last residence. The White House preserves its memories: here the hero of the two worlds he lived for 26 years before his death: 6:21 pm on June 2, 1882, as his room’s clock and calendar mark


The island of Sant’Antioco, with its numerous beaches and cliffs, houses the Archaeological Museum, the most important exhibition of Phoenician-Punic culture in the Mediterranean. The Basilica of Sant’Antioco, one of the first Christian churches as well as one of the three oldest churches in Sardinia.

San Pietro

The island of San Pietro is characterized by the presence of inlets, cliffs and caves, such as those of Punta delle geese and Nasca. Particularly suggestive are the Trogiu, a natural swimming pool in the middle of the rocks, Calavinagra, perhaps the most beautiful fjord on the north-western coast, and Calafico, a deep inlet between two narrow white rock walls. The island is home to the LIPU Oasis of Carloforte, an important resting and nesting place for many species of birds, including the Queen’s Hawk.