The Costa Smeralda looks like a magical mix of sea, sun, music and joy that is almost impossible to resist. Located on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, between the Gulfs of Arzachena and Cugnana, it owes its name to the particular color of the sea and to the chromatic variations of the transparent waters that creep into a labyrinth of granite rocks, forming enchanting views.

The Costa Smeralda is synonymous with dream beaches, solitary coves and soft sea shades. In this extraordinary panorama arise low houses, surrounded by granite and Mediterranean vegetation, numerous villas, golf courses and marinas perfectly integrated into the naturalistic framework.

To these elements are added the history and culture of a region of ancient traditions and an effervescent nightlife that takes place in trendy bars, small restaurants, bars and shops of the enchanting Porto Cervo, the pearl of the Costa Smeralda. Cheerful, colorful and worldly, this sophisticated resort is a real eden, chosen and frequented every summer by the aristocracy and the international jet-set, who arrive with their white yachts.

The whole coast is surrounded by fascinating places to discover; proceeding from Porto Cervo to the south you will find enchanting beaches that from Golfo del Pevero lead to Cala di Volpe passing through Punta Capriccioli, in front of which lie the islands of Mortorio and Soffi, included in the Maddalena National Park. Another well-known place is Porto Rotondo: overlooking the wide Gulf of Cugnana, is populated by villas and squares with all kinds of shops, set by a magnificent nature.

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