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For cyclist there are easy or more technical routes on quiet roads through unique scenary. The sardinian territory can be covered with ease using all its roads where the absense of noise enhance the sounds of nature and magnifies the relashionship with the landscape.

The itinerries allow this evocative immersion in nature  whether you opt for the last areas of Nurra and Campidno or you choose the mountails of Barbagia and Sulcis Iglesiente or the changing  jagged coastal landscape.

Even from a climatic point of view Sardinia is a land conducive to sycl range through March to June and from September to December but by taking the necessary precautions you can bycicle even in the coldest and the hottest months.

The map is a cycling atlas of Sardinia designed for those wishing to travel th island along paved roads. It illustrates two itineraries split into twenty-five stages with an average distance of 50Km each.

To allow the cyclist to create a customized tour and connect the stages of the two routes it has been planned that these meet at a key point in the middle of the island.As far as possible the itineraries have been plotted on dirt roads that can be easily ridden on mountain bikes

few tips before you set off

remember that conforts like acommodation, bars and cafes, supermarkets may be few and far between further inland.bike shps selling bike parts can only be usually found in the largest towns

before delving into the wilds of the countryside make sure you have suitable clothing and provinsions for the day. amobile phone can increase your safety but not all areas have coverage

Due the caracteristics of some of the territories passed through we recommend the less skilled cyclist take advantge of the professional mountain bikes  guides