Cycling in Sardinia

For cyclist there are easy or more technical routes on quiet roads through unique scenary. The sardinian territory can be covered with ease using all its roads where the absense of noise enhance the sounds of nature and magnifies the relashionship with the landscape.

The itinerries allow this evocative immersion in nature whether you opt for a flatland route or you choose the mountails of Barbagia or the changing  jagged coastal landscape.

Even from a climatic point of view Sardinia is a good destination through March to June and from September to December but by taking the necessary precautions you can bycicle even in the coldest and the hottest months.

Mountain Biking in Sardinia

Mountain biking in Sardinia is an exciting adventure. Riders can explore stunning landscapes and rugged terrain. Sardinia has rugged mountains, pristine beaches, and ancient ruins. It’s a perfect destination for thrilling mountain biking experiences.

Riders can expect challenging ascents, descents, and rocky terrain. There are technical singletrack trails that wind through dense forests and across breathtaking vistas. Sardinia has routes for riders of all skill levels. From beginner-friendly to advanced trails. Mountain biking in Sardinia is a unique and unforgettable experience. Every adventurous cyclist should have it on their bucket list.

Bike tour Alghero
6 Hours
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Enjoy a guided bike tour from Alghero, exploring wetlands, beaches, and parks. See Nuragic sites and Spanish towers while discovering flora and fauna. Savor Sardinian...
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