The northernmost town of Sardinia just 12 km away from Corsica. Santa Teresa di Gallura is one of the most popular seaside resorts founded about 200 years ago by King Vittorio Emanuele I. It is a modern town full of attractions. Its surrounding territory carries thousands of years of history behind it, as evidenced by various archaeological sites such as the 14th century site of Lu Brandali.

The Rena Bianca beach is located right in the center of the town and has been awarded as one of the blue flag beaches since 1987, thanks to its cleanest waters in Sardinia

The coast of Gallura is a set of incredible scenarios. Granite rocks carved by the wind, which take the most unusual shapes such as the majestic eagle of Capo Testa. Hidden beaches nestled between gentle granite rocks and brightly colored waters and fish-rich backdrops.

Blue Flag beaches in Sardinia: where are the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean sea

Is Santa Teresa di Gallura worth visiting?

Santa Teresa is a really lovely village. Very well connected to reach many interesting places in northern Sardinia. The Gallura region has unique features different from the rest of Sardinia.

Its position particularly exposed to the winds has created a territory that over the centuries has been able to mold itself to the strong mistral and grecale currents. The Strait of Bonifacio that separates Sardinia from Corsica and one of the windiest points in the Mediterranean.

Santa Teresa di Gallura is only 11 miles from Corsica. Nice to go in Bonificio for a coffee and return to Sardinia for an aperitif! The ferries to Corsica depart from the small port of Santa Teresa, right in the center of the town.

How to get to Corsica from Sardinia

What to see in Santa Teresa di Gallura?

The Village

A small town of 5000 inhabitants that during the summer comes alive thanks to tourists from all over Europe. A pleasant walk starting from the central square of the town and going through the small surrounding streets. The 19th century church of San Vittorio, the Spanish tower of Longosardo and the tourist port are worth seeing.

The beaches

The beaches of Gallura are all small bays surrounded by granite rocks and transparent waters. The beach in the city center, Rena Bianca, a small stretch of white sand. On clear days it is also possible to glimpse the cliffs of Corsica which are only 11 miles from the coast.

On the promontory of Capo Testa there are some beautiful beaches such as Rena di Ponente & Rena di Levante beach. The particular position of these two beaches separated from the road makes them quite protected from the winds.

Other beautiful beaches are: Porto Liscia, La Liccia, Porto Quadro, La Marmolata, La Licciola and the spectacular Valle della Luna

Valle della Luna – The moon valley

To get to this spectacular place it is necessary to reach Capo Testa and continue towards the lighthouse. After a few kilometers you arrive at the entrance of the path that leads to the Moon Valley. Walking through the valley between dense vegetation and imposing granite boulders eroded by the wind you reach the small beach. It is also worth exploring beyond the trail. It is awesome!

What to do in Santa Teresa di Gallura

The village of Santa Teresa can be visited in a couple of hours. But all the surrounding territory is full of many trails, hidden beaches, nature walks and boat trips.

On 12th August of each year, the city foundation is celebrated. An event rich in traditions with Sardinian dances, costumes, music and typical local food. If you are around, do not miss that!

Why not take a short trip to Corsica while in Sardinia? Travel to Corsica (France) starting from Santa Teresa it’s very easy. The journey takes 50 minutes and arrives in Bonifacio in the south of Corsica.

TOP Places to visit in Santa Teresa di Gallura


  • Rena Bianca
  • Rena di Ponente & Rena di Levante beach
  • Porto Liscia beach
  • La Liccia beach
  • La Balcaccia beach
  • Valle dell’Erica beach


  • Lu Brandali Archeological site
  • Capo Testa Lighthouse
  • Longosardo Tower
  • Punta Falcone
  • Moon Valley

Rena Bianca beach

Best Activities in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Knowing Santa Teresa also passes through the food and local traditions. You can learn how to make the region specialties and immerse yourself in the Sardinia culture.

You can’t miss a visit to the wonderful Maddalena archipelago. The boat trips to visit the islands depart from the small port of Santa Teresa.

You can book direct. Tours Powered by Viator.

Street Food-Tour in Santa Teresa di Gallura

A tasty way to discover Santa Teresa di Gallura! This tour will takes you to visit the small local shops, learn about the typical products and taste good Sardinia food!

Lunch or dinner cooking demo at a local home

A private dining experience at a local’s home. Enjoy a 4-course menu including starter, pasta, main course with side dish, dessert with drinks included

Market Tour & Cooking class in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Visit the local market and learn how to make one iconic Pasta type and the famous Tiramisu.
After the class, you will enjoy everything you’ve prepared with local wines

7-Hour La Maddalena Boat Tour

Boat excursion through La Maddalena Archipelago. Spend an unforgettable day in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean sea. Swim on one of the many stops.

Scenic Boat Trip at The Maddalena islands

Explore the stunning La Maddalena Archipelago by boat. Visit each island in the gorgeous archipelago. Swim in these beautiful waters.

Private Boat Tour to the Maddalena Archipelago

The speedboat will all day exclusively to a maximum of 10 passengers, with whom you can choose which island to stop in. You will choose the length and the cove where to stop.

Where to stay in Santa Teresa di Gallura

You can choose between sea view hotels or an accommodation in the lovely town center suitable for all budgets. Search in the map – availability and prices are up to date. Book the best deal!

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