Itinerary-3: Sardinia Northern-Coast Road Trip

10 Days

Road Trip From the West to the East coast

10-Days Itinerary: Touring the Sardinia Northern Coast

For this 10-day itinerary you can choose Alghero on the west coast and Olbia on the east coast as a base. Or you can go on an adventure and stop from town to town. If you have a 10 days holiday to sardinia you can’t miss the best beaches and the most beautiful villages. Fill up your car and enjoy your trip!

Itinerary in Sardinia Northern Coast

  • Alghero. The Catalan city called little Barcelona. Among the narrow streets of the historic center, the beer gardens, the fish restaurants. An immense territory to explore. Do not miss the Catalan lobster, the typical Alghero dish. Stay at least 2-days to visit the Neptune caves in the Porto Conte park
  • Stintino. Continuing along the north coast in the Gulf of Asinara the small fishing village. Famous for La Pelosa beach, one of the most beautiful in Italy.
  • Castelsardo. Continuing in the north, the coast offers enchanting landscapes  reaching out this medieval village. Dominated by the great Doria castle, an afternoon of history and traditions. The nearby beaches are also really nice
  • Costa Paradiso. For those wishing to visit one of the wildest and most scenic places. Li cossi beach almost looks like a tropical paradise among lots of vegetation, rocks and cliffs
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura. In the most extreme tip of the north east. A very small village with the Rena Bianca beach with crystal clear waters overlooking Corsica.
  • Costa Smeralda. The driving will leave you speechless between curves and the intense blue of its sea. The Costa Smeralda deserves a separate section, but if you just want to discover a little bit, make a few stops  on the way: Porto Pollo, the kite-surf destination. Reach Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo and rest in one of the postcard beaches: Capriccioli
  • Olbia. Last stop of the 10-days itinerary on the north coast of Sardinia.It is the main gateway to visit the whole north-east between the pearls of the Costa Smeralda and the lovely inland villages


  • Land at Alghero-airport
  • Depart from Olbia-airport

Total Journey: 210 Km

Day 1 :

<p>the Old Town</p>

<p>The Neptune Caves</p>

Day 3 :

<p>La Pelosa beach</p>

<p>the old town</p>

<p>Li Cossi beach</p>

<p>Rena Bianca beach</p>

<p>Isola dei Gabbiani</p>

<p>Porto Cervo & Porto Rotondo</p>

<p>Capriccioli beach</p>

Day 10 :