Cala Luna

The eastern coast that includes the Gulf of Orosei and part of the Supramonte mountains represents one of the most extraordinary areas for the beauty and bio-diversity of its territories.
A varied area that passes through beaches of tropical colors to enter wild forests and canyons.

Several truly incredible regions are part of this area and are perfect for those who love trekking and hiking.

Best Things to see in Ogliastra

  1. Coast of Arbatax
  2. Baunei
  3. Supramonte of Urzulei
  4. Villagrande Strisaili
  5. Perdasdefogu
  6. Coast of Cardedu
  7. Gairo

1. Coast of Arbatax

Things to see in Ogliastra

At the base of Capo Bellavista rises Arbatax, a small tourist resort famous for its red rocks where the Rocce Rosse Blues festival is celebrated every year. Among the most beautiful beaches to visit in this area is the beach of Is Scoglius Arrubius so called because of the red rocks, two large stacks that emerge from the transparent waters.

2. Baunei

Things to see in Ogliastra - Cala Goloritzè

One of the most pristine areas of Sardinia which falls within the Gennargentu national park. The territory of Baunei is divided into two parts: the coastal part that overlooks the Gulf of Orosei and includes some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariuolu and Cala Goloritzè are the most popular. Continuing south we arrive at the seaside resort of Santa Maria Naverrese.

Among the things to see in Ogliastra you cannot miss a visit to the small village of Santa Maria Navarrese. Very impressive with the church and its centuries-old olive trees make it one of the most visited places during the summer. North of Santa Maria Navarrese among the wild coast stands the stack of Pedra Longa a natural monument of impressive beauty, 128 meters high.

Pedra Longa Ogliastra

This coast is all a succession of high cliffs overlooking the sea of ​​limestone. Behind the Supramonte mountains covered with dense vegetation, Mediterranean scrub and almost inaccessible woods. Magnificent forests separate the various coves and from here begins the famous Selvaggio Blu path reserved for more experienced hikers, which leads to the most beautiful coves in the Gulf of Orosei.

3. Supramonte of Urzulei


There are not only beaches among the things to see in Ogliastra but the whole hinterland of this area is magnificent! Mountain hiking enthusiasts cannot miss a visit to the town of Urzulei on the border between Barbagia and Supramonte. Mount Gruttas rises about 1000 meters high which dominates the whole valley.

The spectacular Genna Silana pass is among the most beautiful in Sardinia, ideal for (demanding) excursions or for more adventurous motorcyclists and cyclists. From here you can admire the panoramic view of the Gorroppu Gorge, the great Canyon located between Orgosolo and Urzulei. The Gorroppu canyon has become one of the most popular destinations for hikers in Sardinia.

Heading north you can go down to Rio Flumineddu, the most important watercourse of the Supramonte di Urzulei-Dorgali-Orgosolo. Extraordinary landscapes where nature manifests itself with all its strength. Here we find the cave of Pischina Urtaddala with a perennial pond inside, once a water reserve for the shepherds who came here with their cattle.

4. Villagrande Strisaili

Things to see in Ogliastra

The area within the municipality of Villagrande Strisaili is rich in waters and forests. The village of Villagrande is also famous for being one of the blue zone of the planet. Here, in fact, there is the highest concentration of ultra-centenarians in the world. The Sardinian centenarians and the diet of the centenarians have been the subject of study by numerous scientific researches interested in their Sardinia lifestyle.

Through the road SS389 state road you can admire wonderful mountain views such as the Santa Barbara forest which contains various testimonies of prehistory such as the tombs of the giants and various nuragic villages. The Sothai waterfalls are beautiful, which can be reached via a rather demanding but well-marked trek. Interesting is the experience of acquatrek towards the Pirincanes Gorge carved by the Rio ‘e Forru where you meet the beautiful waterfall in a landscape of extreme tranquility and beauty.

5. Coast of Cardedu

Cardedu Coast

A must-see in the area is the Tramalitza beach which connects to the territory of Barisardo. The beach has a fine sand and transparent water, generally uncrowded even in summer. Continuing on the marina of Sa perda ‘e Pera it creates a large beach about 8 km long and is one of the most pristine coasts of the things to see in Ogliastra. Surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, it is the ideal place to enjoy away from the crowded beaches.

6. Gairo

Old Gairo

Amont the best things to see in Ogliastra there’s Su Sirboni beach one of the most beautiful on the Gairo coast. It can be reached through a hike deep into the scrubs. The seabed is beautiful to explore, partly with rocks that make it perfect for snorkeling. An uncontaminated beach, framed by red rocks and the intense blue colors of the sea.

Moving inland, the abandoned village of Gairo Vecchio is worth a visit. The town, abandoned in 1951 following a flood, has remained a place of profound suggestion. You can walk through the streets of the ghost town, where the ancient houses remain and observe the interiors and imagine glimpses of a past life.

Most popular activities in Ogliastra

Ogliastra is a trekking paradise. In this area of ​​central eastern Sardinia there are some of the most important medium and high difficulty hiking areas.
We recommend if – you are a beginner – to rely on expert guides before tackling some of these treks because the areas are rather inaccessible and often not well signposted.

Among the most popular excursions, here’s what we recommend you

Where to sleep in Ogliastra

The beauty of Sardinia is its bio-diversity and the possibility of moving from super-luxury areas to more authentic and essential experiences. If you visit this stretch of the Sardinian coast we want to recommend some of the most identifying guesthouses where you can immerse yourself in the spirit of the place and live a unique experience in contact with nature.

Accommodation in Ogliastra

Antiche Case in Pietra

Live the experience of living in the heart of the town of Baunei in an ancient stone house finely restored.

B&B in Ogliastra

Il Nido Romantico

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in this b&b overlooking an amazing view of the mountains of Baunei

B&B Taccu Maccu

A short distance from the village of Ulassai. An amazing view to the Ulassai rocks, an ideal place for hiking and outdoor activities.