The island of Caprera – after La Maddalena – is the second largest in the Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

It has important historical testimonies that – in addition to the extraordinary beauty of its beaches – make it one of the most visited islands in Sardinia. Known for being the last home of the italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, it offers the possibility of visiting his house – South American fazenda style – now converted into a museum.

Unlike the other islands of the archipelago, here you can find many paths with itineraries immersed in woods perfect for trekking and excursions. Its intense Mediterranean maquis rich in scents and colours offers unique experiences.

The only ‘inhabited’ centre is the village of Stagnali, which with its 67 inhabitants is one of the smallest hamlets in Italy. Stagnali is also home to a Geo-Mineralogical Museum that is definitely worth a visit. The museum, which has free admission, contains exhibits from the animal and mineral world with an interesting collection of meteorites, quartz and local geodes.

Walking along the paths of Caprera Island to discover the beauty of its beaches and history – it will leave you with unforgettable memories!

All you need to know about Caprera island

  • Where it is located
  • How to get there
  • What to see
  • When to go
  • Most beautiful beaches in Caprera
  • Best Caprera hiking trails
  • Boat excursions
  • TOP3 Experiences in Caprera

Where Caprera Island is located

The roughly 15 km2 large island is located on the north-east coast of Sardinia and is the second largest island within the La Maddalena archipelago. It’s only 10 mins drive from the main La Maddalena Island

How to get there

It is connected to La Maddalena by the Moneta bridge that joins the two islands. The 600-metre-long bridge allows cars to pass and also includes a pedestrian/cycle section. It is one of the busiest points, especially during the summer period. Alternatively, it is possible to reach Caprera by ferry departing from the port of Palau.

What to see in Caprera

As we have already mentioned, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean! Caprera is full of wild natural landscapes to explore, ideal for hiking enthusiasts. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, there are many historical sites to see, including Garibaldi’s house-museum, panoramic fortifications and some interesting museums. A very attractive island also from a historical point of view.

Best things to see in Caprera

  • Batteria di Candeo (watchtower and military posts camouflaged among the rocks)
  • Garibaldi House-Museum
  • Arbetucci Battery – Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial (Contemporary museum in a panoramic viewpoint)
  • Messa del Cervo Fortification (Former military structure overlooking one of the most panoramic points on the island)
  • Village of Stagnali
  • Geo-mineralogical Museum
  • Museum of the Sea and Maritime Traditions
  • Punta Rossa Battery and Bastiani Fortress (magnificent view in a place of historical charm)

Giuseppe Garibaldi House

Easily accessible by car, the house-family of Giuseppe Garibaldi is one of the island’s main attractions. The italian hereo lived here for about 30 years until his death in 1882.

Today, it is possible to visit the various rooms with the typical furnishings of the time, different relics and historical testimonies. Also very interesting are the gardens and the exterior where the majestic pine tree planted by Garibaldi himself during his years here still stands.

Ticket price: 7€

Reservation required by telephone.

Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial

About 4 km from Garibaldi’s white house is a memorial dedicated to the historical figure of Garibaldi. It is located inside Fort Arbuticci, in one of the most panoramic areas of Caprera with a view of the archipelago. It is possible to experience a journey on the life and exploits of the heroic general with collectibles, documents and works.

Ticket price: 6€

You have the option of purchasing a combined ticket for both museums: 11€

Always consult the opening times and days of the museums in advance.

Caprera’s most beautiful beaches

Caprera – as part of the Maddalena archipelago – is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in Sardinia. The colours of these waters are a unique turquoise-coloured!

TOP 10 Beaches of Caprera

  1. Cala Coticcio beach
  2. Cala Brigantina
  3. Spiaggia i Due Mari beach
  4. Spiaggia del Relitto (Wreck Beach)
  5. Cala degli Inglesi Cove
  6. Garibaldi Cove
  7. Serena Cove
  8. Andreani Cove
  9. Cala Napoletana
  10. Punta Crucitta Beach

Itineraries and nature walks

Caprera is one of the best place for hiking and nature walks in the northern Sardinia. The majority of the routes are well signposted with well marked pathways. At the start of each itinerary and often at the intersections, there are signs with the name of the route, total length (expressed in hours) and the degree of difficulty.

In general, they are suitable for everyone, even people with no previous experience of trekking, as the routes do not present any particular difficulties. Only some of them – especially the secondary routes – are more technical and longer, and for this reason it is advisable to walk them accompanied by a guide such as the famous Cala Coticcio and Cala Brigantina hikes.

Best Hikes in Caprera

1. Monte Tejalone (highest mountain in Caprera)

2. Poggio Baccà

3. Punta Rossa

4. Conigliera

5. Cala Portese

6. Cala Brigantina

7. Cala Coticcio

8. Fortification of Candeo

9. Cala napoletana-Cala Crucitta

10. Poggio Stefano

Best time to visit Caprera

Being generally the busiest months of the year, from mid-July to the end of August there is the peak of tourism presences. If you are looking for more tranquillity and the possibility of visiting the beauty of the island at a quieter time, these periods are definitely to be avoided.

The best time for trekking on the island is spring and autumn. This is when nature is at its most splendid, with sunsets of incredible colours, and especially in the pre-summer periods, the colours and scents of the Mediterranean maquis are amazing.

If you visit Caprera in the height of summer, choose the cooler hours of the morning when conditions are ideal for walking. Remember to always bring fresh water and a swimming costume (bright it even in spring/autumn as you can always find beautiful warm and sunny days).

Best day-trips in Caprera

Where to stay in Caprera

As there are no hotels on the island you need to book your stay in the closer La Maddalena Island. From there you can reach Caprera easily by car or bike by crossing the small Moneta bridge.

3 Villas with private beach at La Maddalena

Casa Mughetto: sea front, private access to the beach and swimming pool

GiulianaHouse: beautiful garden on the sea with a private beach access

La Maddalena Villetta: terrace and a private beach area

ENJOY our TOP 3 Experiences in Caprera

1. Cala Coticcio (called Little-Tahiti for its tropical waters colour-like)

2. Giuseppe Garibaldi house-museum

3. Hike to Monte Tejalone