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TOP 3 Experiences for families in Sardinia

3 Great Activities for your family holiday in Sardinia There is certainly a lot to experience in Sardinia and summer is the most beautiful time of the year. The island is literally taken over by the sun, the beaches explode with tourists and there is …

How to plan a trip to Sardinia

Planning a new trip is always a cause for great excitement, but how can you not feel overwhelmed by all the practical staff? With so many things to organise to make your trip run smoothly and easily, we are here to help! How to plan …

5 Hikes in Sardinia (perfect for beginners)

5 Amazing Easy Hikes in Sardinia from north to south Wild mountains, hills and forests represent the heart of Sardinia. Sardinia, one of the best destination in Europe, for walking, trekking and more challenging climbs. The trails are rather “rustic” many have no signs or …