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What’s Sardinia like in October?

Sardinia in October: Embracing Autumn’s Charm Want to go to Sardinia in October? Great idea! In October, Sardinia becomes a peaceful and real Mediterranean place because the busy summer season is over, and the really hot weather cools down a bit. This guide is all …

Unmissable September in Sardinia: desert beaches, nature and food festivals

Having a Blast in Sardinia this September: Culture exploration, Nature and Traditional food festivals Let’s talk about Sardinia in September and why this is the coolest time to be on the island. So, as the super hot summer days start to calm down, Sardinia gets …

Is it August a good time to visit Sardinia?

August in Sardinia: what to expect Exploring the Pros and Cons of a Summer Escape to Sardinia Sardinia, the island in the heart of the Mediterranean, is a dream destination that captivates travelers with its clear waters, rugged landscapes and ancient culture. When the summer …