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Sardinian Centenarians Diet

Sardinia is one of the five areas in the world where the population is particularly long-lived and healthy. These blues zones are located in Ogliastra (Sardinia), Loma Linda (USA), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Ikaria (Greece) and Okinawa ( Japan). This positive situation doen not only depends …

5 Beaches in Sardinia you won’t forget

A trip to Sardinia leads you to discover incredibly wild places that blend with the transparency of Caribbean beaches. A land of rare beauty that stands out for the spectacularity of its immense stretches of white sand and crystal clear waters. As everyone knows, Sardinia …

About Covid-19 in Sardinia

Sardinia: the Italian region renowned for being a holiday paradise. This island manages to attract any type of tourism: from the luxurious Costa Smeralda to the more rustic of backpacking trips. Sardinia is the destination for everyone. The 2020 season promised to be one of …