Itinerary-1: From the Sea to the Mountains

10 Days

An incredible journey from the amazing beaches to the wild Canyon

10-Days itinerary in Sardinia: the Gulf of Orosei & the Supramonte

This itinerary in Sardinia will allow you discover the region of Ogliastra which it includes the Gulf of Orosei and the Supramonte mountains. A travel from paradisiacal beaches (some of the best in Europe) to the wildest and most rugged mountains of Supramonte and Gennargentu park. What to expect from this tour? Going deep into the heart of Sardinia gives you an emotion of a real contact with nature. In a few hours you will pass from the blue and the boundless freedom of the sea to the deep canyon gorges

Itinerary in Sardinia Northern Coast

Santa Maria Navarrese. The starting point of our itinerary. A small village close to the Gulf of Arbatax. Life flows quiet here, with its marina and the beauty of its beaches. From the Spanish Tower you can walk and reach the white church. A thousand-year-old olive tree is present in the courtyard of the church, one of the most impressive trees in Italy with a diameter of 8 meters!

Altopiano di Golgo. Only if you are not afraid of running out of wifi, can you go to this place! Wild nature, paths off the beaten track. It is easy to spot some of the wild animals. A mini-safari among cows, donkeys, horses, goats, oxen all in the free state. The paths to the  beaches also start from here

Cala Goloritzé. It is reached with a medium/easy difficulty trekking surrounded by nature. Pleasant, even in summer as there are shady sections. The last stretch overlooking the sea really leaves you speechless, the rocks and the white sand of Cala Goloritzè plunge into a fairytale sea! It is undoubtedly one of the last uncontaminated paradises in Sardinia.

Cala Mariolu (Ispuligidenie). Reaching this cove is more demanding than the others, but not impossible ! The walk takes approximately 3h. From the top you can see the whole Gulf of Orosei and what a show on arrival…incredibly transparent water, fish splashing on the shore, wild nature and the imposing cliffs on your back.

Cala Sisine. The beach can be reached in about 2 hours on foot. The trek is not particularly difficult, fairly flat on a slight descent. The path widens up to open upon arrival on the beach, made up of small pebbles

Cala Luna. Starting from Cala Fuili, it starts the descent of this cove in about 2h walk. A path full of ups and downs, sometimes challenging. The arrival is exciting: turn to look at what you have climbed and match it with the blue sea. The three caves are of this beach offer yousome shelter and fresh air, besides an incredible wild set.

Gennargentu park. The natural area of ​​Gennargentu a few kilometers from the coast characterized by rocks and peaks. In this area some of the highest peaks in Sardinia: Punta La Marmora, Bruncu Spina, Monte Spada. The Supramonte region instead includes plateaus and lower peaks (around 1000 meters) and allows an experience of deep contact with the wildest nature.

Gorropu canyon. Natural gorge carved by the Flumineddu stream. Go down the path that starts at the top of the Casa Cantoniera Silana. There is an entrance ticket to the canyon. The path is of medium difficulty. You walk on the edge of huge boulders that close the valley. The Gorropu Canyon is the highest in Europe (500m high) and the second highest in the world.

Source Su Cologone. Immersed in a green park there is the most important source of Sardinia. It is worth visiting even if only for the landscape: rocks overhanging a pond of crystal clear water. Picnic area, refreshment area. By kayak you can cross the Cedrino river.

Cala Gonone. After a steep descent by car and several curves you will find yourself at the entrance of Cala Gonone, the main center of the Gulf of Orosei. From here the boat trips to all the coves (if you don’t want to reach them on foot). It is also possible to rent a speed boat and reach them independently.


  • Some excursions are quite demanding
  • Comfortable shoes and clothes are required
  • Bring at least two liters of water and food (in some seasons there are no bars open)
  • To access some excursions you often pay an entrance ticket
  • From the coves you can return using the boat that takes you to Cala Gonone and from there, a shuttle takes you to the Cala Fuili parking

Journey Distance: 100 Km

Day 5 :
Cala Luna
Day 10 :
Cala Gonone