3. Masua & Cala Domestica

3. Masua + Cala Domestica


The trekking Masua to Cala Domestica is a path enclosed in the portion of territory that goes from Masua to Buggerru, passing through Cala Domestica. This stretch of coast is defined as the most spectacular of the west coast of Sardinia.

Traveling through it is interesting from the historical point of view,  because of the presence of many  former mines. Also a landscape, for the striking and unique views

The crossing described below is part of the itinerary Miniere nel Blu. A route close to the south west coast of Sardinia, between the past mining history of the island and the beautiful cliffs. From Fluminimaggiore we descend towards the coast and then we reach the parking of Cala Domestica, point of arrival of the excursion.

After crossing the furrow of a small valley, the trail begins to descend decisively along the edge of a coast between olive trees and twisted junipers. The ground remains uneven to the point where it bends sharply to the right starting a long traverse in the scrubland.


It continues with some modest ups and downs to a shelf with junipers and then again in the pleasant shade of tall shrubs. Suddenly the thicket clears and you find yourself on a lookout plane overlooking the enchanting rocky cove of the Grand Canal.

Here the hikes bends to the right grafting onto the path of a wider mule track that you follow downhill. The small road ends right on the small rocky bend of Canal Grande, enclosed by high cliffs. On the right is the characteristic cave, about 150 meters long, which pierces the promontory.

A steep climb, arriving at Punta Cubedda. Here the path is smooth, bringing  in a beautiful view over another sharp promontory that stretches towards the sea. Going down, you will then pass near a reddish fissure overlooking the coast and then to a second belvedere by a vertical rock gendarme.

At the next elevation, the path bends inward over a fence. Now paying attention to the directions, you take the CAI trail, meeting other beautiful views on the coast. The descent leads to the track of an old mining transport line that ends right on the Cala Domestica beach.

Average duration: 7-8 h
Length: 10.450 m
Dimensions (min-max): 1 – 323 m.s.l.m
Difficulty level: medium, aimed at trained hikers