5 Hikes in Sardinia (perfect for beginners)

5 Amazing Easy Hikes in Sardinia from north to south

Wild mountains, hills and forests represent the heart of Sardinia.

Sardinia, one of the best destination in Europe, for walking, trekking and more challenging climbs. The trails are rather “rustic” many have no signs or stopping places, so it is advisable to bring along an offline map and enough water.

The most important hikes in Sardinia are found in the Supramonte, in the Gennargentu and in the Sulcis area which is part of the mining trails.

Many of these hikes have quite steep spots and are recommended for more experienced trekkers. In Supramonte the more adventurous can enter the gorges of Su Gorroppu, one of the most impressive in Sardinia.

The trek to Gorroppu requires some preparation – certainly not ideal for beginners – and it is advisable to go there accompanied by an expert guide.

Another of the more challenging routes is the one called The Wild Blue. This trekking on the Gulf of Orosei starts from Santa Maria Navarrese and ends in Cala Luna. It is a quite demanding trek dedicated to the more experienced as it is very steep in some points. Famous for being one of the most spectacular with its incredible views of the Sardinian east-coast.

If you intend to go on challenging hikes remember to have a good map with you (perhaps offline, because in some areas you do not have telephone coverage).

Also bring with you enough food and water and be prepared to walk for miles away from refreshment points.

Here’s the 5 hikes in Sardinia (perfect for beginners)

Giving – to the less experienced hikers – the chance to discover the heart of Sardinia through trails and paths that are not too demanding.

  1. Sadali – Arcu e Spineddai (South Sardinia)
Arcu e Spineddai, Sadali

Time: 2h 30min. Distance: 7,2 Km

The path starts from the village of Sadali, crosses very suggestive panoramic points such as the Vedetta di Bruncu ‘e su Stendardu, and arrives at Arcu’ e Spineddai. It is a very simple itinerary as it develops entirely on driveways. It is suitable for everyone without having to be accompanied by a guide.

There are – within the village of Sadali – several tourist attractions: the Flumendosa Ecomuseum, the interesting”Sa omu ‘e zia Cramella” home-museum, San Valentino church, Sant’Elena church and the water mill in the historic center.

2. From La Solitudine Church to the Ortobene Mount (Nuoro, Central Sardinia)

Mount Ortobene Nuoro

Time: 4h 30min. Distance: 10 Km

The hike on Monte Ortobene makes you discover one of the wildest views of Nuoro. A walk of an hour and a half or two, depending on the pace, with 4 km uphill by the roadside and almost the entire descent through the splendid wood.

In the uphill stretch, although there is no pedestrian path, walking along the roadside is still easy, given the wide carriageway. A small detour after departure to admire two ancient shepherds’ shelters, under two magnificent rocks.

On the first you will also find a granite table with chairs that will allows you a comfortably stop! Arrived at the top of the mountain, cross the lawn of the roundabout to immediately face the path in the woods. Follow the sign and enjoy the woods. Only for the last 800 m one last piece on the roadside.

3. From the Old Mine Galleria Henry to Cala Domestica (Buggerru, South-west Sardinia)

Hikes in Sardinia - Cala Domestica

Time: 4h. Distance: 10,7Km

The route is inserted in the coast of Nebida in the Sulcis area. This beautiful path makes a long loop starting from the inhabited center, visiting some of the symbolic and most significant places in the area. The Henry Gallery, the village and the excavation of Pranu Sartu, Cala Domestica and Gutturu Cardaxius. The path can be covered in part to reach the beautiful cove of Cala Domestica.

4. Su Stampu de su Turrunu waterfalls (Seulo, South-east Sardinia)

Su Stampu de su Turrunu waterfalls

Time: 4h. Distance: 10 Km

The path 203 starting from the waterfall of “Su Stampu de su Turrunu” reaches the ford Salassi.

During the itinerary it is possible to see various remains of the pastoral culture. Note: path in the opposite direction, from the ford Salassi towards Su stampu de su Turrunu, is much higher. In fact you would have to face a stretch (uphill) with a total height difference of over 500 m and a maximum slope greater than 30%

The path starts from the waterfall of “Su Stampu de su Turrunu”. It then continues along the cliffs of the heels of “Taccu Ticci”, along which it is possible to admire the view over the Flumendosa valley and the “Cannas” forest. In this second section, descents and gentle climbs alternate.

The route ends near the ford Salassi which is reached after a final stretch, mostly downhill with a considerable slope: the last 3 km lead back to the valley,

  1. Baratz Lake (Alghero-Sassari, North-west Sardinia)
Baratz Lake, Alghero

Time: 3h. Distance: 6,4Km

Between the easy hikes in Sardinia take the chance to visit this wild oasis in the surroundings of Alghero. This circular route allows you to circumnavigate Lake Baratz and is mostly on a dirt path and a small part on forest tracks.

At the end of the route a rest area has been set up with tables and benches. Along the path you can appreciate panoramic and suggestive views of the whole lake.

It’s an easy walk suitable for everyone and families with children.

There is a great variability of the plant species that can be admired: from Junipers to Strawberry Trees, from Heather to Rosemary carpets, from Cysts to Wild Orchids.You can also hear and observe the different species of birds that live in the lake: mallard and coot in the first place.

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