With only 78 inhabitants Baradili is the smallest village in Sardinia

Road Trip: Baradili, the smallest village in Sardinia

If you are on a road trip in Sardinia take a chance to visit something rare. Fill up the car and drive deep into the countryside and hills in the center of Sardinia. Go along the Giara park, listen to the silence of the wind and the deserted road. After few hours of smooth hills you will arrive straight in this magical place, almost suspended in time: Baradili.

78 inhabitants, 3 pizzerias, a bar and a church

Road Trip to Sardinia
Road to Baridili

Around the town, there are two rural churches, Santa Maria and Santa Restituta, the municipal park and many archaeological sites. The most important is the Nuraxi Candeu: a single tower nuraghe, visually communicating with Barumini’s “Su Nuraxi”. All around the beautiful Giara park and Monte Arci.

Giara di Gesturi
Giara Park of Gesturi

Near the nuraghe there is a pretty fountain, also from the Nuragic era, carved into the rock and later rebuilt in the following centuries. The water from the fountain is still used today in the parish of Santa Margherita

Village in Sardinia
Santa Margherita Church

The Ravioli Food-Festival

If you happen in July, every year in Baradili the Sagra del Raviolo takes place on the Sunday between 13 and 19 July.

In 1995 the first Ravioli Festival was organized, which since then has been re-proposed every year accompanied by other cultural activities and enhancement of local products. During the feast there is, as of course the distribution of ravioli in the various varieties: with ricotta and lemon, with ricotta and spinach, with potatoes. All prepared by hand according to ancient traditional recipes.

Sagra dei Ravioli

Something unusual to find in the smallest village in Sardinia is the best pizza of the island. Don’t miss this experience in the Pizzeria Sa scolla

Sa Scolla which means The School, it really should be visited for the amazing pizza (and not only). The place is also a food Academy: Casa Puddu runned by Roberto Perza, the chef that everyone knows in Sardinia.
A simple and welcoming location with an attentive service. The pizzas prepared with refined flours and high quality products, the one with sheep is incredible. There is also a set local menu always different with fresh and local products

Baradili, Sa Scolla

Tip: try the tasting which consists of a surprise pizza topped with ingredients not on the menu and cut into slices, the one with mackerel and sweet and sour onions is exceptional!

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