How’s Life in Sardinia

Life in Sardinia

The Life in Sardinia. What does it mean to live in one of the oldest islands in the world

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Where are you from? I’m italian. Where in Italy? Sardinia. Do you know Sardegna? One of the questions I ask very often when I am abroad. The answer is vague most of the time: oh yes, is where the volcano is, isn’t it? Oh, yes that island near Malta. No, there is no volcano and it is not even close to Malta.

I realize that Sardinia is not well known abroad (unfortunately!) And if it is known very often it is associated exclusively with the Costa Smeralda

It is true that the popularity of Sardinia is due a lot to that small stretch of coast called the Costa Smeralda where there are super luxury resorts, the million dollars yatches, the villas of the stars. Although the Costa Smeralda has a completely exclusive charm, Sardinia is a large island, really much more than it actually appears on the map.

It is the 8° largest island in Europe and geographically located in a central position in Europe right in the middle of the Mediterranea sea. There are many legends that tell it could be the mythical Atlantis

Among the Italian regions, it is one the least populated with respect to the size, only 68 inhabitants per square kilometer with over a million inhabitants.


It is also considered one of the blue zones, an area with a high longevity rate. The region counts one of the highest number of centenarians in the world.

Grey’s Anatomy talks about Sardinia

But what eaxctly is life in Sardinia? There are few people, wide natural spaces between beaches and mountains. Mild and sunny climate most of the year. A calm and peaceful life. Many would say boring, we call it essential.

Of course there are modern cities such as Cagliari, Olbia, Sassari where young people meet in clubs, study in universities, work in bars and restaurants, hang out with friends in the malls. Where business and work activities flow as usual

But most of the island is dotted with very small villages. Little and pretty towns where where life flows serenely without hurry and the old women dressed in black usually sit at the doorsteps to do household chores. There are 377 villages scattered throughout the region. The smallest has just 78 inhabitants and is one the smallest in Sardinia and in the whole Italy.

Baradili, Sardinia smallest village

An Italian singer once said:

Life in Sardinia is the best a man could wish for

Fabrizio de andre’
Life in Sardinia

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