Sardinia Nature Walks

Sardinia is an island famous for its incredible snowy white beaches and crystal-clear sea. This best summer holiday destination in the Mediterranean is also famous for hiking. It has many hiking spots to discover from the mountain trails of Barbagia to the coastal trekking routes. It has a fantastic array of varying trails. Each is having a different length and difficulty level makes it easy for visitors to choose the one that fits them. So, if you are a hiking enthusiast, you are going to love this place.

We have reviewed some best hiking routes for you to decide which nature walk in Sardinia is best for you.

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Sella del Diavolo Hike

Sella Del Diavolo

Sella del Diavolo is one of the shortest and most accessible hikes in Sardinia. It trails behind Calamosca beach and goes to one of the famous natural landmarks, Sella del Diavolo. It takes more than two hours to complete. You can get an impressive view of the lighthouse, Gulf of Cagliari, and Poetto beach with Molentargius lagoon at its back on your way.

Cala Cipolla to Tuerredda

Cala Cipolla

If you are thinking of enjoying a nature walk in Sardinia, do not miss this one. This trail goes from Cala Cipolla to Tuerredda, one of the best beaches in Sardinia. On your way, you can see Capo Spartivento, a lighthouse that is now turned into a luxury hotel, gorgeous beaches, including Pedra Longa and Cala Antoniareddu. This trail is easy to moderate. The hardest part starts from where you see impressive coastal views.

Sa Spendula

Sa Spendula

This is one of the most beautiful hikes in Sardinia that will lead you to the gorgeous waterfalls of Sa Spendula. Its trail starts from the parking lot of Campanas de Sisinni Conti and follows through the road. Its first part is easy, but the part that reaches the peak of Monte Margiani is challenging.

Masua to Cala Domestica

Nature Walk in Sardinia

Hiking through this part will lead you to the interesting history of former mines and unique views. It is also known as the blue miner’s trail. This trail goes from Masua to Buggerru, passing through Cala Domestica. It is one of the most technical trails and is very narrow. There is a hill with a Spanish watchtower at the end of this trial that offers splendid views.

Cala Goloritze

Cala Goloritzé

This hike goes to one of the best beaches in Sardinia. It starts from Su Porteddu in the Golgo Plateau and gets to the splendid beach Cala Goloritze. This trail is steady downhill to the beach but utterly uphill on the way back and takes one hour to complete.

The Gorroppu Gorge

Itinerary in Sardinia

Gorruppu is a fantastic place, and you will get some best hiking trails here. One trail starts from Urzulei and goes to the natural pols of Piscina Urtaddals and Piscina Gorrupu. Another trail is from the parking lot of Rifugio Gorroppu. It takes almost eight hours to complete.
You can choose anyone and enjoy it to the fullest!