1. Monte Arcuentu Hiking

1. Monte Arcuentu

Arbus – Montevecchio

The hike to Monte Arcuentu allows you to take a nice, uncomplicated trek in one of the most remote and wild areas of Sardinia: Costa Verde. Seen from the beaches of Piscinas and Scivu, it resembles a mega dolomitic tower with a severe appearance.

Impressive volcaninc landscapes with amazing colors and shaped rocks. To climb to the summit you need to follow the path that will guide you towards the north. The path is steeper with  some rocks section and brass plaques.

This is a pilgrimage destination and the plaques mark the Via Crucis stations. The route is quite easy and ideal for beginners walkers.

Climbing to the summit includes hiking difficulties, you must use your hands for 4-5 times but it is not true climbing.
The heterogeneous rocks have created an alternation of peaks and towers that, together with the large trees, contribute to make the climbing environment unique.


The track is evident and the view opens up towards the Sardinia Sea and the beach of Piscinas
Ignore a path on the right (going up) that crosses a dry stone wall and descends towards Genna Fiore and Mount Maiori. The quantity of large trees in the summit, holm oaks and olive trees for the most part is surprising.

The track reaches the true peak (marked by the Italian flag and a crucifix) passing through a beautiful forest and the hut where  Friar Nazareno stayed  for 15 days praying and meditating.


Once at the top, the view extends from the beaches of Costa Verde, where Piscinas and the two huge dunes stand out, A magical view of Buggerru faraglioni,  Giara di Gesturi, the Marceddì pond, the town of Cabras, the Sinis peninsula and much more.
To go back just follow the same itinerary. At the end of the trip you can not miss a refreshing swim in the enchanting sea of the Costa Verde, just a 15 minute drive from the car park!

Difficulty: EE
Prevailing exposure: North-West
Starting quote: 300 mt
Peak altitude : 784 mt
Total climb difference: 490 mt