5 Beaches in Sardinia you won’t forget

A trip to Sardinia leads you to discover incredibly wild places that blend with the transparency of Caribbean beaches. A land of rare beauty that stands out for the spectacularity of its immense stretches of white sand and crystal clear waters.

As everyone knows, Sardinia is the main destination for summer tourism visited by millions of people especially in the months of July and August. And the truth is that Sardinian beaches are undoubtedly something extraordinary.

Take your car and drive from north to south to discover as many beaches as possible. With the car you will have the opportunity to reach many hidden bays and coves that it would be impossible to reach by public transport. No doubt, the beaches in Sardinia will leave an indelible memory, something you won’t never forget!

5 Beaches in Sardinia you won’t forget

In this post we focus on the best 5 beaches in Sardinia that have something special and unique in order to make your holidays in Sardinia an incredible experience.

  1. Cala Goloritzè
Cala Goloritzè

Cala Goloritzé has been rated the number 8th of most beautiful beaches in Europe! The beach, just 200 meters long, is set inside a wild gorge in the Gulf of Orosei. You can get there by sea, booking a boat tour from Cala Gonone or from Santa Maria Navarrese. Alternatively you can get there by foot. Starting from the Altopiano del Golgo you leave Su Portedu car park and start your hike into the Mediterranean scrub. In total, the walk takes about 1h and 30 mins to go down and 1h and 45 mins to go up.

It is preferable to book in advance through the App because the admission is limited to 250 people per day. On the beach there are no services so you need to bring a mini “survival kit” with water and food. The effort to get there will be rewarded by the unique wonder of this beach. It’s stunning!

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  1. Is Arenas biancas
Is Arenas Biancas

This is a wide, long beach with fine white sand dunes. The dunes are protected and access is not possible, but it is still beautiful to admire them and lie down nearby to relax. The crystal clear water has a shallow bottom, ideally suitable for children. Better to check the climatic conditions in advance, especially for the winds that are quite frequent in this area. In the absence of wind it is possible to enjoy this paradise to the fullest. Is Arenas Biancas dunes is located in the most extreme point of southern Sardinia in Chia region. Many of the most beautiful beaches of South Sardinia can be found here.

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  1. Cala Coticcio
Cala Coticcio

To reach this beach you have to disembark on the island of Caprera, which is part of the archipelago of La Maddalena, one of the main islands of Sardinia. Little Tahiti, like it is called as the color of its waters resembles those of Polynesia. This cove is also characterized by its wild and uncontaminated character as the typical Sardinia landscapes. The path leading to Cala Coticcio is quite steep and requires attention and above all comfortable shoes. Occasionally it is also possible to meet wild goats running along the path. The walk takes just under 1 hour but alternatively it is also possible to get there by boat.

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4. Is Arutas

Is Arutas

If you don’t like sand this is the ideal place for you because the peculiarity here is the soft little white quartz grains. In fact, the beach is made up of small pebbles that make the seabed clear and particularly transparent. The beach is not very large but still spacious and perfect for snorkeling. It maintains a fairly wild tropical island look with its clear blue waters. Is Arutas beach is located on the west coast, on the Sinis Peninsula, often whipped by the mistral, a place loved by surfers.

Quartz grains of Is Arutas

5. Su Giudeu

Su Giudeu

Su Giudeu is one of the largest beaches in southern Sardinia. Like in the most Sardinia beaches the mistral draws the surrounding vegetation creating natural sculptures. Fascinating is the pond with flamingos that lies behind and runs alongside it. During low tide you can reach the small islet in front by foot and if you like swimming this is the perfect place to practice snorkeling. Because of the shallow bottom this beach is particularly suitable for children. Su Giudeu beach is located in Chia, an area full of beautiful and unspoiled beaches. Taking a short walk you will reach another pearl of southern Sardinia: S’acqua Durci right next to Su Giudeu.

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Why Sardinia has the best beaches?

There are several reasons why Sardinia has so many beautiful beaches. One of these is the climate, which has managed to preserve the coast without erosions or extraordinary mutation. Another reason can be the lack of pollution which has allowed the waters to remain clean and uncontaminated.

Take your time to visit as many beaches as possible, there are at least 900 beaches in Sardinia spread around its 1800 kilometers of coastline. Each beach represents a small world of bio-diversity made of rocks and typical features of the surrounding territories. Among colors, scents of mastic and impervious landscapes. On your way you can meet long and sandy beaches, isolated and remote coves, green waters with transparent bottoms. There are immense white sand dunes and others that are only made of a few rocks and the intense blue where you can feel like a solitary explorer.

Other than wonderful beaches, Sardinia has a myriad of reasons to be loved. The presence of nature is the real star here which brings back the mankind connection with nature.

A traditional experiences that include food, nature, quality of life. For this reason, a single trip to Sardinia is not enough to get to know it and experience it thoroughly.